We help groups, clubs and individuals organize many different activities in and out of our resort: tennis camps, cycling, cooking, yoga, golf, etc. For more info contact us at relax@infomiabellaresort.com

Group diploma


We organize and host tennis camps for children, mostly in April and October. Top program, top trainers and lots of fun. More info.


Suited for individuals and groups, our resort sits at the intersection of 8 routes with the total length of about 300km. From easy to hard, short to long, from the lake to the sea, visit historical monuments and have fun at the MiaBella base. More info.

Golf on the roof

We have a vast rooftop terrace with golf practice kit, so let yourself loose and take your woods for a drive, practice the pitching with irons and wedging of pitchers, do the puttin’, while enjoying the viewz and the booze.

Gastronomy and wine

We’re not a restaurant but we’re well known for our dinner parties where we can help with cooking and sourcing of the best of ingredients. We focus on local ingredients but dishes range from all over Mediterranean – Spain, Italy, Croatia, and even Turkey and Lebanon. We can organize great feasts for many people as well as natural wine tastings and even beer brewing courses in our cellar. Breakfasts and lunches are doable too.

Boat and fishing trips

Local beach is one of the best around but why not explore more with our boat, discover your inner pirate and visit the sand beaches and floating trees of Vrgada island, secluded beaches with no tourists, hidden restaurants, say hi to dolphins and find other unexpected treasures. One thing’s for sure, there ain’t no life like the life at the sea.

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