Restaurant recommendations

Here are a few recommended restaurants in the region of Drage, Pakostane, and Murter. Biograd has some decent options too, but none that really stand out, or we didn’t find them yet. The restaurant Pelegrini in Sibenik has been voted the best restaurant in Croatia more than once, so it might be worth visiting while you’re here. […]

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Drage – Wembley, 10:0!!

Only a week after the European Championship finals in which Italy beat England at Wembley, another sporting event kept the global audience spellbound. In the breezy July evening, the finals of the football tournament “na male branke” were played between Dalmatino Drage and West Ham Razine (Razine is a settlement some 38km south from Drage […]

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Hello world!

Hello world, we’re open for business and are accepting bookings at 🙂

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