Here are a few recommended restaurants in the region of Drage, Pakostane, and Murter. Biograd has some decent options too, but none that really stand out, or we didn’t find them yet. The restaurant Pelegrini in Sibenik has been voted the best restaurant in Croatia more than once, so it might be worth visiting while you’re here. Don’t forget we’re also organizing amazing dinner parties with good choice of natural wines at our resort so ask for details.


Murter is a small town, a bit further away, some 30 minutes driving, but offers amazing gastronomy. Probably the best choice of restaurants between Zadar and Sibenik.

Konoba Boba

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This belongs in the fine dining and pricier option so check their website if it meets your budget, also reservations are required. The food is local with a modern twist, the choice of wine is very good. For a dinner for two with wine, you can expect a bill from 100 Euro onwards. We highly recommend this restaurant, they are in the Michelin guide and are the members of JRE.

Fine Food

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Very similar to Konoba Boba in terms of pricing and offering. The ambience is a bit more relaxed, more hipster-konoba style 🙂

Tic Tac

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Always recommended by locals, it offers a more traditional Dalmatian cuisine and therefore also more affordable than the top two.


Pakostane is very close to Drage, not as sophisticated as Murter in terms of gastronomy but very practical and affordable. 

Konoba Loza

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They only serve steamed mussels buzara, grilled sardines, local vegetables and wine, but everything they serve is great. A true feast for humble fishermen.

Pizzeria Pjaca

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Definitely the best pizza around here, this seem to be an irrefutable fact based on numerous first hand accounts we heard. And everybody deserves access to a good pizza while on vacations. They serve other food too.

Barbecue Djoker

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As close as possible you can get to the medieval meat festival, there’s lambs, there’s steaks, there’s kopun, there’s roasted pigs, but also octopus and fish. Very popular and it’s good to reserve in advance.

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